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again, i’m too restless to run my blog at one adress. i’m back at blogger now, and I promise that, this is my last change. (i hope) but i’m satisfied with the new blog, and of course, I hope you’re too!


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Gills and bones



The design team at Gareth Pugh has given the woman gills, and I LOVE IT. 

i-D June/July 2009 photo: Hans Feurer / tFS



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Anja Rubik by Terry Richardson for Vogue Juny 2009

what about vests



God. That outfit is just amazing.

4th and Bleeker

Dress like Dree


Bilde 5

Bilde 6

The model Dree Hemingway is my greatest inspiration nowadays.  She always dresses in a classy, simple way, still she manages to dress in an original way. That is something I really appreciate; a girl who knows great style and likes to push the limits. I’m so fed up with all the Mary-Kate and Kate copycats who have invaded the streets. 

Dree is my girl of the week, and she was at whowhatwear, read the whole entry here.

blue light



legsMalin and I went to the city, were soaked in the rain, hid for Paleet for a present, and bought ourselves a pair of shoes…

Straps and heels



Theese oh-wow Vagabond booties will be available in August. They will cost 170 dollar, or 1099 NOK. I-CAN-NOT-WAIT.

Theese from “Minimarket” does also top my wishlist


Image and contact info : Hanneli and Filippa Berg