Man for “her” hat



Fillippa BI had just discovered Filippa Bergs blog and was reading it, scrolling down, admiring her for her original style and amazing design, when my scrolling suddenly stopped. What an amazing top hat!

 This brought back some memories. One Saturday, a couple of weeks ago, I went to a little fleamarket, close to Frognerparken here in Oslo. There hadn’t been many sellers at the market that Saturday, because of the gloomy, rainy weather, except a man in his little booth under a tree. I had to stop by, because of his appearance. The seller, a cute, old Danish man was selling his old equipment from his term as a head pilot in the Danish air-defence. He had shown me his trophy-pilot-hat which was exactly what I’d been looking for. Aside this, there were an 30-40 year old top-hat. Black, a bit ruffle and quite worn, but it attracted me. We talked for long while about trophy hats and ww2, before I decided to buy both of the hats. Unfortunately I could only afford one of them, and since I had been looking for a pilot hat for so long, I ended up buying that one. Guess I dislogded it… 

image: Filippa Berg 


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