Pleasure or pain?




It’s all about cut-out, cut-off and cut-thrash. Why is that good, you ask? There are many reasons, first, cheap, second, easy, third, unique and fourth, undeniable cool. To mention some. I love Rodartes’ idea of cutting patterns in to skinny tights. I read the blog Park and Cube on a daily basis, where Shini writes about her own inspiring and personal style and her newest DIY projects. She has the most genious recipe for homemade Rodarte-cut-out-tights (she’s even made a pattern which you may download) There are so many beautiful and inspiring clothes and creations, shoes and bags to be seen everywhere in blogs and magazines nowadays, but since I’m a part-time working student with few heel-days a year, most of that seems very distant. Why not make it all myself? Can’t be to hard, or what? Get some inspiration in Aprils “Pleasure or Pain” issue of I-D and at Shinis’ blog for an amazing DIY tip on a Rodarte sweater-dress or a cut-out tights. 

Lot of Love



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