Holes, studs and knits




Holes and studs on a white knitted jumpers and college sweats seems to be the next big DIY. I’m doing one now, but I decided to go for a ripped look at a college-sweater, sure I’ll post a picture later. It isn’t hard neither, all you need is a good scissor and a hem ripper. If you want studs, you will need studding tool and of course, studs, which you can buy at studsandspikes or in a artshop.


This is how you do it:

1. – Cut of as much of the sweater you’d like. If you want it to be long, then just cut of the lower seams. If you want it to be shorter and more cut-off style, you cut off more.

2. – Rip the lower seams gently, so some threads loosen.

3. – After a while, you may use your hands, which is very effective. 

bilde-16bilde-15Sources: foreyedfun, anywho, patentleather and private


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